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A composite can is a cost effective, rigid, light weight, environmentally alternative to folding cartoons, metal can, glass jar, Plastic Container, and “Bag in a box” packaging …using most recycled paper

We all are very much familiar with composite materials in our daily lives......a lots of examples of which are very much concerned with our daily chores. Motor vehicles (carbon fiber) houses (Composite can jars used in kitchen), Gift packages are all everyday examples of composites.

Saamarth containers at their plants combine different layers of materials to produce a set of outcomes that is composite can

Composite Can definition

A composite can has a complex round or oval shaped formed rigid body, involving several layers of paper materials around a mandrel (which establishes the size and shape of the can in cross section) ranging from craft paper to foil paper, with one or both end closures permanently or temporarily affixed.

Composite Can Attributes

A composite can is a cost effective, rigid, light weight, environment friendly alternative to wrap or package a lots of products we see across the day. These cans can be used for both primary and secondary packaging in a varied industries.

We at Saamarth container prepare composite cans are mainly composed of: - a can body; - a top closure; and - a bottom closure with varied sizes and designs.

The can body is made from a series of layers (Ranging from 3 to 10) with the flexibility to meet out the requirements. The specifications are based on individual requirement and the specific outcome for customers in terms of light, moisture and oxygen barriers, aesthetic appeal, weight, strength and cost.

  • Easy to hold
  • Lighter than metal
  • Cheaper than glass
  • Preferred over bags