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We are very dynamic, tech Savvy and highly innovative, always focusing to deliver quality and value for our customer within agreed timeframe. We have set up, installed and operating our plant in the heart of NOIDA. Having our plants in Noida we are able to cater our big clients near Delhi/NCR and delivering products with ease to them.


We deliver products that are best in quality, design and able to meet the unique requirement of customers. We are very much sticked to technology and process to deliver the best following international practices. We offer the greatest possible solutions to your business, adding value and connecting your needs with our value addition to meet out success.

Our responsibility for our environment and its sustenance is fulfilled by the use of renewable resources, recyclability & biodegradability through a well-defined process.


We are passionate about innovation, designing with feasibility and of course cost reduction while planning for our customer. These all are the catalyst which drives us, provide urge to think differently…..and deliver successfully. Our PASSION for seamless integration with our clients and assisting them to achieve success.

We can design and develop great packaging products because we're very much intended to. We can make it happen because we're very much competent in our chosen areas of expertise. We're not happy unless and until we're surpassing our customers' expectations!

We are very much concerned on achieving industry leadership in the manufacture, exporting and distribution of Paper Products.

Benefits with Us:

  • Quality Products
  • Expert Team
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Able to deliver bulk order on time

Value proposition for clients

Driven by Passion & Performance we have positioned ourselves in a brand across the nation. Committed to supporting customers with products composed primarily from paper and paperboard, without denaturing our natural resource:

  • Carbon capture via managed, sustainable and renewable forests;
  • Recyclable materials with existing high recycle rates;